Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson - Fallon, Nevada


  • Born in Missouri
  • Was involved in WWII with the US Navy
  • Moved from Missouri to Nevada
  • Owned a town called Iown
  • A treasured artist and community leader of Northern Nevada
  • Died in Fallon, Nevada 2016

A Community Leader of Northern Nevada

Tom Robinson was an artist who's work made people happy. In 2007 his 101 Brushes was featured at the Western Nevada Community College. As an art teacher in Fallon, he supported many young artists to develop their relationship with creating art.

His most unforgettable work was the stuff that you would find when you were least expecting it. Whether it was a painting on a 15 foot steel door, a forest in an old shipping container or a recreational vehicle balanced atop a spinning post in the middle of the desert, his work always made people happy.

Tom Robinson - 101 Brushes

A Poem by Tom Robinson:

I’d like to go into the hills

where it is quiet and dry

to hear the birds sing

feel the gentle breeze go by.

As it pushes among the trees

stirring fragrance of earth and pine

sage, too, a favorite of mine.

Time I often need to hide

with nature at my side,

to tell me of little things

like joy from the bubbling springs.

At evening’s fall,

home I’d go to sit by the quiet fire’s glow

and the day pleasures recall.

Tom Robinson, 1964